JOB FILLED - CFO - Treasurer

Job Description: 

Eden Foods is the oldest natural and organic food company in North America and the largest independent manufacturer of dry grocery organic foods. We are deeply rooted in Michigan about twenty miles southwest of Ann Arbor. We believe in good work, good people, good food, good benefits.
We are seeking an experienced professional to run our Accounting Department.

As a qualified candidate you:

  • You have experience in previous leadership roles and broad, in-depth knowledge of business and financial principles.
  • You have appropriate education and experience suitable for the assumption of responsibilities inherent in the roles and duties of a Chief Financial Officer and Department manager of a mid-sized corporation.
  • Broad and in-depth understanding of accounting principles, financial modeling, taxes, business law, and best business practices.
  • Compliance orientation regarding rules, regulations, financing requirements, business law, employment law, contractual requirements.
  • An eagerness to learn and adapt to ever changing dynamics.

Financial Responsibilities:

  • Study, monitor, and improve Eden Foods' business systems in the Accounting Department, and throughout the company where they impact Accounting Department accuracy and company efficiency. Ensure Department activities and decisions are consistent with Eden Foods' strategies. Assist in business processes throughout the Company.
  • Manage, maintain, and develop Accounting systems and processes for any and all financial matters including budgets, payables, receivables, supplier and customer credit, projections, financing, investments, taxes, financial statements, business reports, cash management, audits. Help manage verification systems.
  • Providing various perspectives on company performance and prepare related fiscal information.
  • Prudent financial forecasting and management with robust control systems. Work with the President and Board in determining investment of Eden Foods' capital and resources.

Lead the Accounting Department and Company:

  • Recruit, hire, train, develop, and manage Accounting Department staff. Staff usefulness needs continuous improvement and adjustments.
  • Work with Sales and Purchasing Departments to help manage customer and supplier relationships including credit evaluation, company strategic credit use, and account reconciliations.
  • Foster and maintain relationships with various establishment professionals including banks, finance companies, accounting companies, insurance companies, and legal service; both in looking forward and as issues may arise.
  • Review contracts, customer and supplier agreements, enlist third-party help where necessary. Work with legal counsel as needed in order to completely understand ramifications of contract provisions from every imaginable perspective.

Human Resources:

  • Administrative Manager for all Company investments including payroll, the 401(k) plan to include evaluation of risks and benefits of the investments.
  • Accommodate corporate insurance needs including but not limited to annual insurance renewals and claims administration. Human Resources works Accounting on the annual and the interim employee health insurance cost and coverages.

As leader in Eden Foods you have many benefits:

  • Competitive Salary
  • Paid Time Off
  • Health, Rx, Vision & Dental Insurance
  • 401k – company match at 50%

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Please note the job description is not intended to be all-inclusive or a complete explanation of duties. Employees are required to perform duties as assigned by their supervisor or management. Eden reserves the right to modify job duties and responsibilities as needed. Job descriptions do not constitute or imply an employment contract.