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Natural Industry Jobs (NIJ) is the leading online job center for the Natural and Organic Industry. 

We make it easy and cost-effective for employers to reach the perfect talent to meet their needs. We utilize the latest technology, media and social media to connect natural and organic employers and thousands of qualified job seekers.

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Simply stated, ‘A better way to connect great people with natural and organic companies.’ That's the reason we started our business and remains our mission today.

Our Story

As a lifelong health and exercise nut, I'm so excited to be helping both employers and job seekers connect within the Natural and Organic Products Industry. I'm an enthusiastic consumer of natural and organic products, and our hope is that job seekers and employers feel the same about our services!

Natural Industry Jobs was founded in 2011 by Laurel King, an enthusiast of the natural products and the outdoors. Her vision provided the Natural and Organic Product marketplace an online platform to showcase its jobs and for job seekers to find careers opportunities in the industry they love. It is a place where like-minded companies and people promote healthy choices and lifestyles.

In 2012 Rex Lawrence, --that's me!-- a then 26-year career veteran of the food industry, started a similar business focused on jobs in the fresh produce industry: JoeProduce.com. Ironically, Natural Industry Jobs serves most categories except fresh produce.

In 2019, we merged Natural Industry Jobs and Joe Produce, providing Laurel the opportunity to focus on her healthy lifestyle and outdoor activities. For "JOE," this was a natural extension of our family of online job centers, including JoeProduce.com. We are so excited to have Natural Industry Jobs being "Powered by JOE," and expanding our value proposition, while continuing the legacy of attention and great service that Laurel established.

Our mission, values and principles have taken us this far, and our commitment to improve wherever we can will keep us on the path to more satisfied clients and candidates. ​ ​I think we are very good at what we do, and we are striving to be great!​

Thank you for your interest and support!

- Rex Lawrence, President of Natural Industry Jobs

Rex Lawrence Back Packing

Rex backpacking the Sierra


Resume Writing Services

We are professional resume writers, specializing in many industries and categories, including food, Ag and produce, natural, organic, food safety and quality.

Our resume customers span across all departments, including, sales, marketing, accounting, finance, operations, food safety, logistic, HR, leadership, entry level and more.

Over 8 years of experience, hundreds of resumes created, and we are still striving to craft the best resume for each customer. No two people or professional story are the same and no objective, strategy or resume is the same.

Our "Secret Sauce": Understanding that resumes are NOT merely historical documents. Rather, they are strategic marketing documents with the objective of getting you an interview. Your information has to be crafted to make it through the database search technology, then through the early stages of humans scanning them in seconds, and finally through to the later stages of review and interviews. Developing a solid resume is both science and art.

No other investment can deliver the ROI of a great resume.

Give us a try!


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