JOB FILLED - VP of Operations and Supply Chain

Job Description: 
  • Plans, organizes, directs, and controls all operating activities for all segments of operations and supply chain - purchasing, inventory management, co-packers and co-manufacturers management, and demand planning. 
  • Responsible for the performance of all production activities and all support functions including quality and facilities management. 
  • Responsible for inventory, raw and finished goods to meet order schedules - ensuring required service level goals are achieved. 
  • Responsible for coordinating regular meetings with Sales and Sourcing team to review MRP, new orders, existing orders and inventory levels. 
  • Conduct capacity requirement planning that ensures proper utilization of systems, people, equipment and space. 
  • Manage overseas logistics for importation. Ensure that all physical aspects of the co-packers & co-manufacturers’ operations and facilities are maintained in an efficient, environmentally friendly and food safe manner. 
  • Coordinate the creation of all systems and processes to ensure all are documented and being followed – specifically the planning and order processes. 
  • Direct and monitor the accomplishment of production and inventory plan goals consistent with established operating procedures. Implement a continuous improvement plan and culture to ensure the company has the capability to meet all business requirements and objectives competitively – especially focused on PPR (purchase price reduction). 
  • Manage all QA requirements.


  • Responsible for all Carrington Farms facilities, co-packers, vendors, co-manufacturers & third party warehouses.
  • Manage all inventory.

    • Finished goods inventory.
    • Co-packer & co-manufacturer raw materials & finished goods.
    • Minimize & eliminate slow moving inventory.
  • Coordinate all orders.

    • Run Oversee regular meetings with Sales & Demand Planner to review prospective orders, new products, existing orders and order production and delivery dates.
    • Formalize the private label bid and pricing processes.
  • Manage all logistics and sourcing.

    • Responsible for overseeing all overseas logistics for goods importation.
    • Develop and implement sourcing/buying program.
  • Manage all production resources.

    • Oversee demand planning and MRP.
    • Meet order timeline. 
    • Ensure proper materials are on hand for production.
    • Maintain formal production schedule.
    • Maintain control of planned outputs, budgets spending, labor efficiency, material efficiency and human utilization.
    • Review performance against operating plans and quotations – create standard costs.
  • Presents monthly reports on performance as requested by the CEO.
  • Along with the CEO reviews and approves all major Operations projects – including capital expenditures, co-packers changes, co-manufacturers changes, raw material substitutions.
  • Interfaces with all segments of management responsible for plans, policy, or action. Ensures completion and or QA compliance whatever is required.
  • Assumes other activities and projects from time to time as directed by the CEO.
  • Ensures all responsibility, authority & accountability of direct subordinates are defined & understood.
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Wednesday, March 29, 2023 - 12:34am
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