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Job Description: 
About our Company
Pürblack - Coated Silver - Pepts is a family of companies developing novel, disruptive to the industry and high-efficacy nutraceuticals for a mindful, super-human of the future. Our supplements are targeted to fine-tune the body and mind and protect a healthy human from the challenges of stress, viruses, and daily pressures.
Job Description
We are looking for a mindful leader, go-getter, a scientist of sales, an artist of quality, and a metrics and KPIs-driven sales pro. We expect you to build our national and international sales effort to the next level.
Initially, you will build the sales infrastructure, which includes envisioning the big picture, developing sales assets, getting new accounts, and growing and retaining the accounts. You will also identify the opportunities for growth in the natural foods, natural medicine, integrative medicine, high-end performance, and beverage markets.
Once certain sales milestones are achieved, you will hire and develop the sales team along with the territories. Preference will be given to a highly ethical, mindful, well-organized, creatively thinking sales professional with strong leadership skills - capable of building the national and international sales infrastructure.
Position Responsibilities
  • Develop and execute strategic sales plans
  • Lead and execute tactical sales efforts during the growth stage
  • Meet or exceed monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals
  • Identify, pitch, and close new business with prospective customers
  • Build and maintain relationships with national supplement brokerages
  • Build and maintain relationships with integrative physicians, health food outlets, integrative pharmacies, and exquisite coffee and tea houses
  • Develop and maintain a CRM database
  • Identify, book, exhibit, and follow up after pertinent trade shows
  • Identify resources critical to the success of the sales effort
  • Establish sales KPIs critical to the success of the company, along with analyzing and describing sales data
  • Collaborate with other company departments to ensure improved sales outcomes
  • Any other task pertinent to the success of the sales effort
  • Accounts Identification, Development, and Retention
  • Mindful, empathetic, and consultative in selling to customers via virtual communications or face-to-face. Develop meaningful and strategic relationships with customers
  • Identify, target, and secure sales with new accounts
  • Drive growth of sales with current accounts
  • Bachelor's degree in any sales pertinent or related field or equivalent work experience
  • Advanced degree and sales-relevant educational qualifications are a big plus
  • Minimum of 2 years of demonstrated successful sales experience
  • Ideally, 6 to 12 months of sales management
  • Knowledge of industry distribution channels
  • Great sales and analytical skills
  • Knowledge of Sales Force and any sales software knowledge is a plus.
  • Stable, well-rounded, easy-flowing personality
  • Attention to detail and problem-solving capability
  • Ability to travel nationally to tradeshows and key accounts
  • Highly competitive
  • Performance related bonuses
Please, include your current or previous salary in the resume and the New Salary Requirements.
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Tuesday, November 29, 2022 - 9:08am
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