JOB FILLED - Owner / Operator / Entrepreneur

Job Description: 

Have you ever considered owning an organic food manufacturing company?

We are looking for someone to take the helm of Kakosi.

Kakosi is growing, but slowly!

What it needs is capital for marketing for the kind of growth needed.

We have put a lot into this company to make it into the ethical and wholesome company it is and have strived to make it a business good for the farmers through to our consumers. We have also donated to our farmers and their communities and focused on supporting small businesses.

The wheels of Kakosi are turning, and we have accomplished much.

This is an opportunity for you, with fresh ideas and a bit of capital, to take this company and make it BIG!

If you have any interest in running Kakosi, please send an email.

We are looking forward to telling you all about this company, the mistakes we have made, and discussing options for a smooth transition.

We have all the equipment you will need, and even a production space if you want it.

We are still selling our products while we figure out what comes next.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022 - 11:58pm
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