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Employer Introduction

Kakosi is built on the understanding that the best business is one where everyone profits along the way, from the source to the consumer. We want to ensure that the best quality and sourced cacao products end up in your hands. And we want to make sure that all the hard work to bring it to you results in better lives for the farmers and their families.

Why Cacao?
There are over 300 identifiable chemical compounds in the cacao bean. It remains one of the most complex and pleasurable foods on the planet. In the unprocessed form, cacao contains anandamide named from Sanskrit’s ananda meaning bliss or delight, arginine which is a vasodilator and a natural aphrodisiac, phenethylamine used to combat depression and ADHD, and tryptophan that is known to be an anti-depressant. Eating good chocolate promotes an overall sense of well-being and makes us happy!

Kakosi was developed as a company that focuses on providing high quality, fairly traded, tasty cacao ingredients, snacks, and cacao products. We have worked hard to bring you the healthiest products that could be developed without over-sweetening and focusing on the natural flavors. Our products are simple and as close as it gets from the cacao plantation to our customers. We love to eat chocolate, and we love to share it!

Cacao is a trending superfood, and projections are that CACAO sales are increasing at 6.65% per year. Cacao is part of a healthy lifestyle, and Americans are more health conscious than ever.

Kakosi a small Organic/All Natural Cacao company with a focus on Natural, Sustainable, and Healthy products. We have a unique line-up of products, and we have really good CACAO.