JOB FILLED - Supplement Expert & Customer Experience Specialist

Job Description: 

We are seeking a Supplement Expert, preferably with a strong, hands-on functional medicine/clinical nutrition perspective, as well as experience in women's health, to work with our Customer Experience Team.

This position will be dynamic & multi-faceted...including, but not limited to the following:

  • Work closely with our Customer Experience Team to provide excellent service to our valued customers, by leveraging your extensive supplement knowledge, relative to women’s health and wellness, as well as our supplements and products.
  • Become an expert with all knowledge related to Magdalena's Programs, and a specific focus on her Estrogen Reset Program & Overcoming Estrogen Dominance book to support our upcoming program launch this Fall.
  • Launch & manage our Customer Experience Live Chat service.
  • Play an integral role in our members-only Thrivers Facebook group, helping to facilitate engagement and develop/promote initiatives.
  • Work closely with our Marketing Team and Thrivers Coordinator to reflect our existing content calendar and tie it into our Thrivers calendar, along with promotions, events, challenges, giveaways, etc.
  • Ensure regular and relative posts are being made while taking special care to respond to all comments using a voice and tone that resonates with Magdalena's, and consistently directs our members back to our programs and protocols.

You are a team player who is:

  • Insightful, kind, and empathetic.
  • Dedicated to working with people.
  • Calm under pressure and does not get overwhelmed during busy days.
  • Flexible, able to work well within a team and moving targets.
  • Resourceful and organized.
  • Accountable with time and tasks.
  • Excellent with attention to detail.
  • This is a 1099 Contractor Position.
  • Estimated 15-20 hours per week (possibly up to 25 hours per week during busy times).
  • Hourly rate $17-$27 per hour.
  • Availability/flexibility through weekdays and at least one weekend day (not necessarily every weekend).
  • Remote home-based position.
  • US applicants only.
$17-$27 / hour -DOE
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Last Resume Date: 
Friday, October 8, 2021 - 9:29am