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Employer Introduction

Hormones Balance (www.HormonesBalance.com) and our product line (www.Wellena.com) is a 350k strong and fast-growing online health platform with a mission to help women balance hormones naturally. We live, breathe and sleep women's health and hormones.

Here is a snapshot of our Company Manifesto:

  • Our Purpose — To help 1M women overcome hormone imbalance, with a focus on estrogen dominance, within the next 3 years.
  • Our Community — We serve a community of passionate, intelligent women who have been disappointed and misled by allopathic (“conventional”) medicine and who are now seeking to take their health back by adapting natural means.
  • Our Team — We are a small and mighty group of women who are deeply passionate about serving women, offering them resources to heal and thrive. We live this lifestyle, or aspire to. We do this work as part of our personal and career growth.
  • The Power of Food—We believe that balanced hormones depend on a clean, organic, non-inflammatory diet, and food that comes from sustainable sources that truly nourish our bodies.
  • Diet—We believe in eating for your bio-individuality (each body is unique and responds to food differently). We stay away from dietary dogmas (be it vegan, vegetarian, and keto diets as a “cure-all” remedy).
  • Plants and Herbalism—We believe that plants play a necessary part in modern health, and when combined with sound nutrition, their healing benefits are extraordinary.
  • Science and Facts—We base our editorial content, education, books, recipes, and product development on strong proven facts and well-researched studies.
  • We Don’t Greenwash—We don't use misleading marketing to make our products seem more green or eco-friendly. Our products really are as natural as it gets.
  • We Live, Eat and Breathe This Lifestyle — This is why it never feels like work. We also believe in radical self-care by being out in nature, eating nourishing food, laughing, hugging our beloveds (be it human or pets), and doing the things that make life great.

Does it speak to you? Would you want to be a part of our team?