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Job Description: 

Are you passionate about women’s health and wellness and want to make an impact? Do you thrive working with people and developing relationships? Are you a creative intrapreneur who loves sales and embracing exciting new opportunities? Do you want to grow your own sales division and develop new sales channels? Would you like to be part of an established company and amazing team that is growing rapidly, and focused on making a positive difference in the lives of women? If so, here is more about us: (our store) and (our education site).

Like what you see?
In case you’re wondering, we’re all about steering clear of the B.S. (like greenwashing), and our core values center around empowering education and creating trustworthy products that are clean, safe, and effective.

This is our MANIFESTO - so you know how we think and work 

Our Purpose—To help 1M women overcome hormone imbalance, with a focus on estrogen dominance, within the next 3 years.

Our Community—We serve a community of passionate, intelligent women who have been disappointed and misled by allopathic (“conventional”) medicine and who are now seeking to take their health back by adapting natural means.

Our Team - We are a small and mighty group of women who are deeply passionate about serving women, offering them resources to heal and thrive. We live this lifestyle, or aspire to. We do this work as part of our personal and career growth.

Live to Learn - We believe in deepening our respective fields of expertise by constantly learning and evolving.

The Power of Food—We believe that balanced hormones depend on a clean, organic, non-inflammatory diet, and food that comes from sustainable sources that truly nourish our bodies.

Diet—We believe in eating for your bio-individuality (each body is unique and responds to food differently). We stay away from dietary dogmas (be it vegan, vegetarian, or keto diets as a “cure-all” remedy).

Plants and Herbalism—We believe that plants play a necessary part in modern health, and when combined with sound nutrition, their healing benefits are extraordinary.

Science and Facts—We base our editorial content, education, books, recipes, and product development on strong proven facts and well-researched studies.

Squeaky Clean Products—We are passionate about developing safe, clean, and research-backed products that serve our community and help balance women’s hormones. We work hard to bring you products that are both safe and effective.

We Don’t Greenwash—We don't use misleading marketing to make our products seem more green or eco-friendly. Our products really are as natural as it gets.

Time-Honored Traditions—We create healing recipes and products using botanicals inspired by ancient herbal traditions from around the world.

Partners—We only partner with small companies that share our values and create trustworthy products that are clean, safe, and effective.

Resilience - In spite of occasional adversities, we are resistant, emotionally strong, and unbreakable because we believe in the greater good and the purpose of this work.  

We Live, Eat and Breathe This Lifestyle—This is why it never feels like work. We also believe in radical self-care by being out in nature, eating nourishing food, laughing, hugging our beloveds (humans or pets), and doing the things that make life great.


We’ve just created a dynamic new position for an ambitious, energetic Sales Development and Affiliate Specialist to help us expand our brand reach, build new sales channels, and increase revenue.
We’re looking for just the right person, with accomplished experience, high ethical regard, and strong execution excellence in the following seven areas of competency. 
And, we’re excited to know…Could it be you?
Engaged Passion

  • Able to work hand-in-hand, towards a united goal with our CEO, COO, and the Marketing, eCommerce, Operations, and Customer Experience Teams.
  • Possess an ongoing interest in life-long learning; proactively seeking and gaining knowledge via industry thought leaders, marketing associations, community groups, etc.

Product Knowledge

  • Eager to learn and gain thorough knowledge about our products, services, and industry trends in order to effectively sell products or services to new clients and channels.

Strategic Approach

  • Comfortable working with management to develop plans and create opportunities for increasing revenue from new sales leads to achieving both short-term and long-term wins, and then effectively executing them.
  • Able to develop sales presentations and collaborate with the marketing department on other forms of visual marketing materials to create client-specific proposals that include clear pricing structures and terms, ensuring the ability to make informed decisions about their purchase.

Targeted Prospecting

  • Skilled at utilizing critical market and competitive research to segment, define target markets, refine and improve the product value proposition, and implement the best channel-penetration strategies.
  • Able to identify and implement a full-cycle plan from introduction to close, and a process to track those efforts and outcomes.
  • Expertly adept at tracking measurable weekly sales efforts to prospective clients to determine their needs and interests so that they can be properly targeted with offers.

Relationship Building

  • Establish a genuine rapport; develop and maintain relationships with clients to ensure they are satisfied with the service they receive and enjoy a positive, productive customer experience with our company.
  • Professionally follow up with clients after they have received our products to ensure they are satisfied with the purchase.

Team Communication

  • Efficiently communicate relevant information and client feedback to management so any necessary changes or adjustments can be made to products and/or processes.
  • Regularly engaged in team communication via Slack, Asana, email, and periodic touch-point meetings.

Time Management

  • Leverage data-driven decision-making to direct action plans and sales activities to ensure time spent is being maximized to the fullest potential.


Skills & Qualifications

  • 3-5 years of focused and successful experience in sales, primarily developing new online sales channels, marketing, business, and communication.
  • Familiarity and hands-on experience working with online retail sales channels Amazon, Google store, Facebook/Instagram store, Walmart, Thrive Market, etc
  • Prior experience and contact with micro-influencers in the health wellness community 
  • Full-scope A-Z understanding of affiliate marketing approaches, strategies, platforms, etc.
  • Notable experience taking new physical products (such as supplements and topicals) to market, in the online wellness space with an emphasis on women’s health is especially valuable
  • Verifiable success in creating action plans, securing timely and measurable revenue growth, and profitability, in a prior sales development role(s)
  • Proven track record executing customer engagement and communication / relationship-building best practices
  • Refined, highly professional/ethical prospecting, sales, and marketing skills
  • Visionary perspective, ability to make forward-looking decisions based on marketing opportunities and challenges
  • Tech-savvy; capable of infusing digital tools into marketing strategies while leveraging data analysis and interpretation to both course-correct and determine future action-plans
  • Familiarity with Slack, Google Suite, and affiliate platforms such as Refersion (or other)….

You are a Team Player Who 

  • Is flexible and adaptable 
  • Is an innovative thinker
  • Possesses a high level of familiarity with and interest in women’s health, wellness, and hormones
  • Is insightful, kind, empathetic, inspiring, and contributes to positive team morale
  • Is a highly effective communicator and team player with a bias toward collaboration to reach set goals
  • Proactively provides accountability and transparency with regard to time, projects, tasks
  • Exhibits a robust work ethic and sense of self-motivation

Contract Type & Rate

  • 100% REMOTE; 1099 Independent Contractor; estimated part-time 15 to 20 hours per week 
  • Base salary ($2-$4k) plus commission (2-5% on sales) Compensation is DOE with additional performance-based growth opportunities; tiered plan with existing partners and warm leads 

To be considered for this position, please provide answers to the following questions and submit them, along with your resume and cover letter to:

  1. What is it about this position and working with Wellena that appeals to you the most?
  2. Please share an example of a short-term and long-term sales win, and the different strategies you implemented for both successes. 
  3. Please provide an example of one of your most effective approaches to developing strong client relationships. 
  4. Please tell us about your comfort level with base + commission compensation.
  5. What resources are you tapped into to keep abreast of the latest sales and marketing innovations and ideas, and how do these help you maintain your sales ambition and motivation? 
  6. Using a few specific examples, please describe your current level of interest in women’s health.

Thank you for taking the time to read what we have provided. We take this process seriously, and appreciate that you do, too! We will respond quickly if your application has been selected for the next step of our process.

$2-$4k per month
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Wednesday, October 26, 2022 - 4:23am
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