JOB FILLED - Independent Sales Representative

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Berkeley Life Professional is an international company enjoying rapid and substantial growth in North America with a clinically proven formula AND a diagnostic test that validates the product.

We are seeking an Independent Sales Representative with a 25% commission opportunity for Physician-Only Supplement Line across the US.

We're passionate about improving health with products that work, from head to toe. Berkeley Life Professional combines a nitrate rich supplement designed to support the body’s nitric oxide levels AND a rapid saliva diagnostic test strip which indicates nitric oxide levels in as little as 15 seconds. PROOF that our product works takes 90 minutes!

Nitric oxide is a vital signaling molecule in cardiovascular and overall circulatory health, but it naturally declines with age. Maintaining nitric oxide levels is key to every patient’s long-term health and can improve patient outcomes in almost all practitioner designed protocols or procedures.
Berkeley Life is targeting significant expansion in the health care practitioner channel with a specific focus on the following medical specialties:
    •   Chiropractors
    •   Functional Physicians
    •   Naturopaths
    •   Independent Pharmacies
    •   Health Coaches
With average order values over $650 and a top-end commission of 25%, this is an exciting opportunity for Independent Sales Representatives. Whether you are looking for additions to add to your current offerings or if you are seeking a fresh start with a fast-growing brand contact us now!

Join a 30-year seasoned veteran AND qualify to receive Berkeley Life leads generated by conference attendance and increasing brand awareness.

25% commission
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Thursday, May 26, 2022 - 7:31am
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