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Employer Introduction

Wellmore Holdings is growing! We are strengthening and building our Sales and Marketing teams to support our brands which include Great Lakes Wellness, a line of collagen and other wellness products, Ultima Replenisher functional beverage mix-ins and Jade Leaf Matcha teas. We offer a full benefits package, 401k, Employee Referral program and an employee discount on all brands.


Our journey began in 1922 as Grayslake Gelatin. From the beginning, our goal was to supply the highest quality gelatin to both the commercial and consumer markets. In 1988, Grayslake Gelatin became Great Lakes Gelatin® Company as demand for our products continued to grow. Originally used as a functional ingredient in products such as gelatin desserts and vitamin capsules, our pure collagen protein gelatin soon became an important supplement to health-conscious people around the globe.  Currently, Great Lakes Wellness has expanded the focus on overall wellness, healthy aging and benefit-led products

Ultimate Hydration. Amazing Taste.

We keep you hydrated and your taste buds happy.

So you can keep doing what you love to do.

Our Purpose: We’re a happy, hydrated bunch at Ultima. A playful, positive, fun, welcoming team. And we’re here to keep you hydrated. And smiling. :-)

Our mantra is “Live your ultimate life, every day.”

For us, hydration is happiness. We believe our electrolytes have the power to bring you hydration happiness, too.

That’s why we've been making Ultima electrolyte hydration drink powders for over 20 years. To keep you active, healthy and happy. Because if you’re feeling good, you’re feeling happier.

Beyond electrolytes, we obsess about fun and tasty flavors – without sugar or junk.

We think finding electrolyte flavors you love is like meeting your hydration BFFs. Life is better when you hydrate happy, together.


Jade Leaf Matcha is produced by the Kizuna Tea Collective, a thriving network of family-run tea farms across Japan’s premiere growing regions, who have been cultivating high quality matcha and supplying Japan’s domestic market since 1858. Headquartered in Kyoto, Kizuna opened its first outpost here in the U.S. in 2014, offering certified organic matcha under the Jade Leaf brand name.

Matcha is about people - from the farmers who cultivate each leaf with care, to the tea masters who craft the leaves with precision, to those of us who enjoy the taste and the way it makes us feel.