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Employer Introduction

Since 1998, The Touch Agency has helped build some of the most successful brands in the consumer packaged goods industry. Today, we are working with some of the hottest, next-generation brands. Throughout the years, we have had one mission — accelerating brand innovators to success in four core areas:

  1. Sales Management - From emerging to national brands we provide a sales solution based on a team of passionate, seasoned sales professionals dedicated to achieving our partner brand goals.
  2. Retail Marketing - Marketing at shelf is a critical part of the consumer experience. We bring an integrated approach to retail support through trial generating activities, effective in-store promotions & merchandising.
  3. Strategic Marketing - We help brand partners strengthen their competitive edge with best-in-industry sales tools, actionable category insights & sales-forward creative services.
  4. Analytics & Insights - Data is driving retailer decisions and should be driving yours. We help brand partners filter through distributor, retail & syndicated data in templated, actionable reports & fact-based selling tools.