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Employer Introduction

PurelyWild is a unique company making wild supplements and highly potent formulas. It’s main supplements arise from wild trees. It offers the novelty of being centric to independent retailers. PurelyWild is one of the only supplement lines available that is not sold on prominent discount sites. It is not sold on Amazon, iherb, Vitacost, or similar price-compromising, quality-deficient sites.

The feature supplements are its raw tree resin drops, SpruceAlive and PineAlive. The HempAlive combines these resins with raw, CO2-extracted hemp. Another powerful formula is UltraAlive, which is whole food Mediterranean pine pollen. SumaMax is wild, raw northern Canadian sumac extract for kidney and bladder support. PineNeedle tea is wild, raw northern Canadian and American pine needles.

PurelyWild supplements are a line strictly for dedicated retailers. Moreover, these formulas are too exotic—too rare—to be sold massively online. Other than quality retailer Websites they are to be dispensed within the domain of education-based retail outlets. For the consumer the quality and rarity must be explained plus the fact that these supplements are 100% raw and unprocessed, as if directly from the wild.
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