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Employer Introduction

As one of the largest independent, family-owned health food stores in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut, we offer a unique opportunity for learning and achieving optimal health. During your full-service shopping experience, you can expect caring, personalized customer service from knowledgeable staff, cutting-edge information, and an abundance of affordable nutrition and food products.

Our founder, Michael Dworkin, PD, CCN (1928-2017), was a Connecticut-certified clinical nutritionist with a doctorate in pharmacy.  He started serving our community in 1956 as a registered pharmacist in his Liggett-Rexall pharmacy, which he transitioned to a full-service health food store in 1970.   Our knowledgeable staff now includes our owner, Erika Dworkin, who is Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®, and our shop manager, Kyle Ledonne, a Culinary Nutritionist.

You will love our shop with more than 7000 products, which include vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, sports supplements, natural body care, affordable organic produce, gluten-free and other allergen-free foods, pet and green household products, and FREE magazines and articles. To make your healthy lifestyle easier and more affordable, we provide a well-loved Loyalty Card with Rewards Points, Loyalty Flash sales (if/when we can ensure the safety of our customers during the COVID pandemic), and a monthly Sale Flyer.  Check out our Parkade Health Lounge page on this site, and stay tuned for news about online shopping!