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Employer Introduction

Innovative Natural Solutions was started in 2015 with the idea to bring natural based immunity products to market. We are the leading Elderberry farm to table company in the U.S. The company has emerged in the last 3 years to become a leader for supplement supply chain management, branded ingredient supplier and top tier manufacturer all while keeping our core of Elderberry the focus.

Our portfolio includes berries, extracts, syrups and a wide range of gummy’s. We manufacture product for a variety of customer brands as INS Nutra, and sell our own retail and DTC products under the Norm’s Farms brand.

As our Food Scientist, you will be responsible for researching food safety, new means of creating and improving products, and methods to supplement and maintain the national food supply. This is an opportunity to create and develop new nutritional Gummies and manage the existing confectionary catalog. Our overarching purpose within R&D is to ignite innovation and co-create to bring the future of INS Nutra to life today.