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Employer Introduction

Hope is a beautiful thing. We’re not talking about our hummus, although we love that too. We’re talking real hope—that optimistic sense of desire and expectation. We named our company Hope Foods because we believe in the possibility for better products to meet people’s hope for food they can love and trust. 

The seeds of our company were sown at the Boulder County Farmers’ Market, where our Spicy Avocado hummus, a favorite with our friends, became a local favorite as well. Our goal soon became to spread this amazing experience of fresh hummus to a wider audience, using cold pressure (instead of heat) to keep the product fresh – just like at the Farmer’s market. 

Today, our products are found across the country, in grocery and specialty stores of all shapes and sizes, with a wide selection of fresh hummus and guacamole that feature fresh ingredients, bold flavors, and the same level of passion we’ve been pouring into our products since day one. And we have a tremendous following of loyal fans to whom we will be forever grateful. We still make our products in small batches in the heart of Colorado, just a few miles from that original farmer’s market. 

Our hope today? That you’ll join us in our mission to spread good things.