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Employer Introduction

The Herban Shaman is a modern nutritional supplement company with a traditional, herbal medicine twist. Old-school formulations are honored while modern scientific research is respected and utilized. Our mission to help our customers thrive by sharing our love, respect and knowledge of plant wisdom.

Based in Florida, we aim to deliver some of the highest-quality supplements to the market. All raw ingredients are lab tested for impurities and are manufactured in GMP facilities to ensure their quality. Our products are formulated with natural ingredients and are certified organic, GMP-certified and 100% vegan. We aim to formulate all our products with no hormones, no artificial additives and no GMO ingredients.

Mushrooms are a staple ingredient in The Herban Shaman products. The company selects specific mushroom varieties valued for their health benefits from organic farmers. We combine different types of mushrooms in our formulas to provide specific benefits. Maitake mushrooms support a healthy immune system response, while Chaga mushrooms support the cardiovascular system and help maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

The Herban Shaman specializes in harnessing the power of some of nature’s most beneficial ingredients and delivering it to end users in the form of high-quality supplement capsules.