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Employer Introduction

Guna is a European pharmaceutical company, guided by ethical principles and devoted to scientific research. Guna focuses on education and scientific information addressed to doctors and pharmacists. Guna develops and distributes natural-based health products that are unique, effective, innovative, and with a very high safety profile. Guna products are manufactured in Milan, Italy, according to GMP rules, the highest pharmaceutical standards of quality. Guna manufacturing facility is regularly inspected by FDA and other European health authorities for ensuring compliance with current regulations. Guna products are inspired by studies of molecular biology and biochemistry performed on medicinal plants and on biological molecules, which demonstrate that low doses of active principles prepared according to an exclusive proprietary pharmaceutical technology are as effective as higher doses, but with a lower risk of negative side effects.


We have also decided to open ourselves up to a process of transparency and sharing not only the values but also the tools used to describe them. Therefore, we have published our integrated report – which includes all the company’s financial information, ongoing projects, and their impact on the company – in a dedicated web space, the “Social Hub”, available for consultation and interaction with the company’s stakeholders. If we state that there must be a total coincidence and overlapping of interests between the company and its stakeholders, the act of reporting can no longer make any sense if prepared by the company itself without the collaboration of all its stakeholders. Therefore, GUNA’s integrated report is the result of a “choral” cooperation of GUNA with its stakeholders, based on a complex “container of dynamic indicators” which is filled in each year with data, tables, information, and above all stories, in a 365-day journey, “built” together with all the company’s departments and all the company’s stakeholders, who can access the Social Hub and tell the story they are involved in from their personal viewpoint. This is how the first ever published “real-time” social report was born, which represents for GUNA an important distinguishing tool compared to its competitors and an effective means of dialogue between GUNA and its stakeholders.