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Employer Introduction

Evive was created in 2015 by a young, dynamic, and inventive couple, Claudia & Dominic.

You could say that I found my true calling during my wellness journey, from being a vegetarian to going completely vegan. I always say being vegan is more than just a diet – it's a lifestyle. During this transition period, I had adopted a new habit that transformed my daily routine: I started making smoothies every morning! I loved the simplicity with which I was able to integrate foods full of nutrients that we need for good physical and psychological health. Dominic followed me on this journey and, being the cordon bleu of the couple, he had a lot of fun discovering a new universe of possibilities when it comes to healthy and vegan cuisine.

Having been together for over 10 years, Dominic and I decided that our shared passion for healthy eating would guide our professional lives. I must say that listening to our intuition was the best decision we could have made!

Evive is more than just a business project - we strive to have a positive impact on our environment and people's daily routines. By making our products healthy, nutritious, and convenient, we can achieve our mission of making healthy eating more accessible. Being able to whip up a delicious blender-free smoothie in seconds is what makes our frozen smoothie cubes so unique. They are very practical in the food industry, just as they are in the homes of our customers. Regarding our respective roles within the company, I love the fact that my partner has entrepreneurial spirit in his blood. His go-getter, innovative and efficient sides make him an excellent asset, as well as an incredible partner. For my part, Dominic has always defined my role as the soul of the company. It's true that the Evive brand represents my own values ​​and personality! We therefore complement each other, but also have several common attributes. For example, our desire to set ambitious goals and convey harmony within the company has been prioritized since the first day of this wonderful startup.

Ultimately, our goal is to make your healthy lifestyle easier so you feel amazing and have more valuable time to do what makes you happy! In other words, our mission is to empower you to increase your well-being through healthy eating.

Thank you for encouraging us in our quest, together we can make a difference!