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Employer Introduction

Wellness Center for Research & Education, Inc.  (WCRE) was born from a desire to work in a dynamic and environmentally conscious industry working in communicative partnerships with conscious health providers to make a real difference. We are passionate, high energy, have strong standards and vision and are committed to making natural and organic food the standard again. We love to learn, are on-trend and care about our teams and their well-being.

Simply put, our healthcare system is broken. It is complicated, expensive, ineffective and dysfunctional. There is daily mis-information propagated by the big pharma and their media that the patient is exposed to. It’s no wonder that patients are confused and need support by conscious, educated health providers. 

At WCRE, our vision is to continue the reformation of the practice of medicine. Every day, across America and the world, we help health care providers implement better solutions for health challenges that include lifestyle medicine, homeopathy, herbal and nutritional therapies proven to improve patient outcomes. We do this by manufacturing science-based products and developing innovative clinical programs for doctors that help their patients get better faster.  We are the best at offering education to our providers that is results-driven via our protocols, seminars, videos, professional legal membership and direct contact with the owner.