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Employer Introduction

Pursuer of an active lifestyle through running, yoga, SCUBA, and triathlon-ing; grammar enthusiast; passionate advocate of veganism; dedicated Green activist (especially w.r.t. dining, transportation, anti-whaling & recycling; member of Environment Michigan); seeker of the next cutting-edge endeavor. Love anything technology, including open-source projects, web design blogs, usability scrutiny, the smart phone market, social media, infographics, and linguistic research (to name a few). Enjoy sport-spectating, concert-going, and traveling with my family and friends.
Striving to gain a position at a proven company in the pursuit of developing new skills, interacting with diverse, experienced coworkers, and advancing my knowledge in the field of data and technology, while serving as an impassioned addition to a unique company environment dedicated to healthy, natural foods.
Primarily engage in deep data analysis (cleansing, quality assessment, statistical modeling, governance).