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Employer Introduction

About Danodan Hempworks

Danodan Hempworks is not a CBD company.

We are the Whole Plant Company with a mission of doing good for people and doing good for the planet. Our unique processing methods are intentionally minimal to make water-soluble, organic hemp products, rich in nutrients beyond CBD. 

We think hemp is a superfood. It has over 500 unique compounds (and counting) and we’re here to give people as many of them as possible. We have a patent for our production process and we stand apart from our competitors by working with glycerin to make true whole plant infusion products. 

We partner with organic hemp farmers who share our values and do the hard work of driving the promise of regenerative farming to reduce global warming and reverse the effects of climate change.

In addition, we have a functional workplace and culture. We strive to be drama-free, and we make the effort to make sure employees are happy and enjoy their work. When it comes to our customers, vendors and partners, we operate with integrity 100% of the time. Founded in 2018, we are based in Portland, OR.