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Employer Introduction

Bubbletree Naturals is a sales brokerage specializing in premium natural, sustainable, and organic products. We offer customized sales account management services to help our brand partners grow business.
Our mission is to put the most sustainable, healthiest products into people's hands. We do this by increasing our partners' brand awareness and sales at natural foods stores. Our sales team nurtures positive relationships with retailers, builds & perfects retail presence, and promotes our clients' brands at natural product retailers across the Southern U.S.
Our company is guided by principles of integrity, honesty & values-based leadership. We seek business relationships with those who are driven by similar core values. We strive to make the world a better place by donating resources to community, environmental & humanitarian efforts. For example, we provide an environmentally-friendly vehicle incentive to our employees, and we encourage our team members to volunteer 5% of their paid time to charitable organizations.