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Employer Introduction

Our Story

Our founder Rachel Fresco is the daughter of a pharmacist. She literally grew up in the family pharmacy, watching her parents help people find answers to their everyday health challenges.

After graduating with a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Rachel saw patients in her own private practice. She also worked as a clinical consultant for an herbal products company.

Witnessing the struggles of both patients and other healthcare practitioners, she set out to create solutions for challenging health conditions, many of which seemed to be related to opportunistic infections and microbial imbalances. 

Using her knowledge and experience in herbal medicine, Rachel created Biocidin — a botanical combination with surprisingly effective broad-spectrum activity.

It was 1989. And the word “microbiome” was only starting to be defined in scientific circles. Yet Rachel had produced one of the most powerful microbiome-balancing formulations ever analyzed by Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories (now Genova Diagnostics). 

She went on to develop more — formulas to assist in binding toxins and restoring balance to the microbiome, along with specialized delivery systems for Biocidin.

Rachel also began working with universities and clinicians on research projects, tackling challenging concerns — including biofilms. 

She and her team continue to expand these research and development efforts, using their expertise to create cutting-edge, targeted support products to boost patient health and serve our family of healthcare professionals.

Biocidin Botanicals offers powerful natural solutions that address today’s complex needs with simplicity. Still centered on the 18 herbs in our flagship formulation — used worldwide by integrative and naturopathic doctors for over 30 years.