Aloecorp, Inc.

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Employer Introduction

Aloecorp, Inc. (headquartered in Seattle, WA) is the pioneer of high quality aloe products and supplements.  We take pride in being the first and only Aloe Vera grower and manufacturer to go beyond mere quality analysis. With more than 20 years of leading the industry, Aloecorp counts with strict quality control measures and efficient operations throughout its processes.  


We are a raw materials company selling Aloe vera to customers globally. Our Aloe vera products are used in drinks, food, cosmetics, etc.  Most of our product is grown in Mexico and shipped from Texas. 

Unlike others in our industry, Aloecorp is fully integrated from farm-to-family. . . the company grows, discovers, develops, manufactures, sells and distributes its products through the ECONET family of companies.


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