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Employer Introduction


    • Performs QA Planning – analyze situations, determines objectives, prepares action plans, prepares budgets, examines alternatives, prepares reports
    • Organizes, directs and coordinates all aspects of  QA activities to include delegation, assign work, establish work plans, hold staff accountable, measures effectiveness
    • Determines staffing requirements, trains associates, develops supervision, administers discipline
    • Motivates associates, establishes rewards, establish standards and leads by example
    • Controls through metrics (KPI’s), directs activities, prepares corrective actions, controls labor expenditure
    • Administers meetings, sets agenda
    • Develops problem solution and implements corrective actions to reverse negative trends
    • Decision making authority with budget oversight
    • Controls expenses
    • Proposes capital improvements
    • Manages the pre-operational inspection program
    • Inspect and approve equipment for use after maintenance work is performed
    • Audit cleaning practices and documentation within the entire production facility.
    • Auditing GMP compliance within the entire production facility.
    • Developing, implementing, review, maintenance of the GFSI system including Food Safety fundamentals and plans.
    • Train staff on procedures for compliance for GMP, SQF, BRC, HACCP and food and quality safety.
    • Evaluate customer complaints and look for root causes.
    • Manage the out of spec or hold program to find causes and help production eliminate out of spec product.
    • Develop QC testing for the production and packaging lines as needed.
    • Audit documentation of QC testing being filled out and performed by operations personnel.
    • Keeping up with product specifications and related documents for internal/customer requests.
    • Approve labels for accuracy and legality based on current legislation
    • Understand and update the proper used of labelling laws per marketing country.
    • Monitor the calibration programs for all equipment to ensure quality
    • Create; implement and monitor kill step procedures for all nut roasting products.
    • Implement procedures and validate cross contamination issue in all areas.
    • Create and implement an environmental swabbing program to validate sanitation programs and ensure product quality
    • Evaluate retain samples to validate shelf life claims and investigate quality issues
    • Develop, improve, expand and monitor finished product testing program.
    • Notifying Maintenance of any maintenance items noted.
    • Monitoring the efficiency of raw receiving programs and make modifications as needed
    • Auditing the food safety program.
    • Responsible for 3rd party and customer audits
    • Assist R&D with new ingredient information logged into the genesis system and ensuring all is up to date for nutritional fact information request.
    • Monitoring the effective implementation and management of the pest control program.
    • Create/Audit all procedures as they affect product safety or quality
    • Conduct audits on suppliers, co-manufacturers and off-site co-packers.
    • Monitor and maintain the documentation program.
    • Administer and maintain SOPs and forms for all departments.
    • Comfortable working with government agencies such as FDA and OSHA.
    • Perform formal trainings for all employees (temporary assignment/permanent) annually, upon new hire or/and modifications
    • Keep up to date with quality certifications such as SQF practitioner, HACCP Coordinator and Food Defense Coordinator
    • Work toward new company wide audits and certifications that will promote the company to a new level such as CFR111.
    • Perform all duties necessary to ensure quality
    • Comply with all company Quality, HACCP, GMP and Food Safety Standards
    • Required to be a member of the HACCP and Safety Committee to ensure the safety and quality of all products manufactured by ACG

 Though reporting to Research and Development Manager, individual should be able to work independently

Qualifications Required 

  • Minimum of 7-10 years management experience in food manufacturing, quality capacity and showing career progression to quality management
  • Experience in food safety and sanitation required
  • Experience in nutraceutical manufacturing is a plus
  • Experience in state and government audits required
  • Understanding of the CFR110
  • CFR111 Required
  • Experience in participating with 2nd and 3rd party audits required
  • Experience in generating and maintaining all manufacturing SOP’s and forms
  • Experience and certificate in Internal auditing
  • Excellent interpersonal skills – team player
  • Hard worker who is a self-starter and proactive
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Must have impeccable organizational skills and be detail oriented
  • SQF certified practitioner—responsibility and authority:  oversee the development, implementation, review, and maintenance of the GFSI system (SQF and BRC) for Albanese Confectionery Group.  Will have authority to see that all items are done correctly including food safety fundamentals and plan.
  • Must be HACCP certified
  • Must possess Food Defense Coordinator certificate


  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science, Chemistry, or Biology required