JOB FILLED - Production Supervisor (Swing Shift) and (3rd Shift)

Job Description: 
Summary of Job Duties:
Under general supervision of Production Manager, coordinate workflow, personnel and resources in the manufacturing facility to achieve efficient processing of all manufactured product.
Specific Job Duties:
  1. Set priorities in all areas of the department, including raw materials, granulation, compression, encapsulation, coating, packaging operations and for the timely completion of all assigned work and projects.
  2. Assign daily priorities to the production leads.
  3. Organize, monitor and prioritize the operation for the manufacturing facility and personnel.
  4. Oversee the training of all new employees in manufacturing & packaging processes, procedures and responsibilities.
  5. Use principals of Process Improvement to increase efficiencies and lower costs.
  6. Evaluate employee performances and give accurate reviews and clear attainable goals.
  7. Know and understand principals and processes of:
  8. Operating and maintaining milling equipment.
  9. Mill bulk materials rework and granulate.
  10. Operate mixing/granulation equipment to process and formulate batches.
  11. Set-up, operate and maintain high speed and rotary tablet presses.
  12. Set-up, operate and maintain encapsulation machines.
  13. Coat, finish and process bulk material.
  14. Packaging equipment that includes Capper, Labeler, Sleever & Packer.
  15. Packaging traveler, order set-up, line clearance, label bay and NAV.
  16. Monitor product quality at all stages of production.
  17. Promote safety and a safe working environment.
  18. Willing to rotate with the Manufacturing & Packaging department and Label Bay.
  19. Perform miscellaneous manufacturing/packaging duties as directed.
  20. Sustaining KPI’s for improvement (Utilize lean tools). Ex. 5W, OPL’s.
  21. Able to work with and operate production equipment.
  22. Perform all other tasks as assigned by Threshold management.
Minimum Qualifications Required:
  1. 3 years manufacturing experience in similar environment.
  2. 1 year of managerial experience, familiar with writing reviews.
  3. A thorough knowledge of SOP’s, GMP’s, and general manufacturing operations.
  4. Must have Lean Manufacturing experience or equivalent.
  5. Experience in MS Excel/Word.
  6. Valid California Driver License.
Skills and/or Training Desired:
  1. Bachelor of Science degree preferred.
  2. Bilingual in Spanish & English preferred.
Confidential Job: 
Last Resume Date: 
Monday, September 26, 2022 - 3:45pm
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