JOB FILLED - Regional Sales Rep - Natural Food Stores & Pharmacies

Job Description: 

High Falls Hemp NY – a seed to sale purveyor of award winning and nationally acclaimed CBD wellness products is seeking natural food reps throughout the US to represent our brand to natural food retail locations and independent pharmacies. Our products are tastefully branded and packaged, have great consumer reviews (4.9/5.0 stars) and are set apart from the rest of the field by virtue of our approach to CBD2.0.

The science has progressed very far over the last few years and the old “CBD will solve everything approach” has stopped working. High Falls Hemp is a pioneer in crafting CBD2.0 products, utilizing the most appropriate cannabinoid, terpenes and essential herbal inputs for the various reasons why people take CBD. Our CBD2.0 products have been consistently finding a place alongside the traditional CBD product in pharmacy and natural food stores.

High Falls Hemp NY is seeking Regional Sales Representatives to cover Natural Food stores and Pharmacies throughout the US market. Please note we are NOT hiring in Idaho, California, Long Island, NYC, New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.

A successful candidate should have an established natural food client base with 5 years or more of history with your account base in their territory and be open to soliciting business for our cutting-edge products with their existing account base and independent pharmacies. It is also important that the sales rep not rep any other CBD brands

For many reps, CBD is a dirty 3 letter word, as most stores have seen CBD sales drop dramatically since the beginning of the pandemic and many stores do not understand that the reason why CBD sales have fallen is partially due to the fact that CBD alone is not as effective as the newer 2.0 cutting edge products which High Falls Hemp is on the front lines of developing and successfully marketing.

High Falls Hemp NY will support your efforts with a liberal policy of providing samples to interested accounts (car stock), POS displays for retail locations, our informative counter mat, brochures and a comprehensive 75-page training manual to educate your clients. In addition, HFHNY will support your sales efforts by providing in-store demonstrations with demo reps (although you need to recruit and manage the reps in your region). HFHNY has developed sales scripts which have been effective in the current environment and will allow you to overcome many of the objections you hear when you are pitching CBD products to your clients. We have a developed email marketing team which will send out weekly emails to your accounts or prospects, as the case may be.

If your book of business has been diminishing (typical for natural food reps since pandemic began, then this job is for you. In addition to representing a cutting-edge CBD line, you will also discover that our pharmacy outreach initiatives are showing remarkable success due to the efficacy and compliance of HFHNY products. (HFHNY is compliant with the new NY state CBD regulations, which are the toughest in the country and are meant to ensure that the products deliver what they are meant to and are safe for human (or pet) consumption).

Compensation: The sales rep will receive a base salary for the first 3 months while the rep is establishing relationships on behalf of the brand and a competitive commission schedule (15%/10%), which is paid monthly.

For consideration in this position, please apply and submit both your resume and cover letter.

Ideal Candidate: 

Has 5+ year relationships with Natural Food retail stores in her/his territory, currently reps other lines in the natural food space and has bandwidth to add our brand to her/his line of products, and as well, has the ability to establish our brand with independent pharmacies which we have a good reception with.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022 - 10:11pm
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