JOB FILLED - Head of Product

Job Description: 

● Responsible and accountable for Product Research & Development of existing and new products, including constant oversight of product quality control
● Collaborate Weekly with co-packer, manufacturing, and production teams to ensure all formulations are produced at the highest quality possible, resulting in quality finished goods
● Create and manage daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly production Road Map, Scheduling, Ingredient Sourcing, with procurement and manufacturer’s supply chain
● Build a 48-month product pipeline with realistic long lead innovation and testing
● Oversee all operational product activities from ideation to execution (i.e., translation of insights into product concepts, formulas, flavors, manufacturing process creation, pricing decisions, forecasting, and initial inventory planning with supply chain, sales team, and manufacturing)
● Standardized Weekly Review and Product Sessions for Senior Management
● Manage timelines successfully, and prepare products to be handed off for the successful launch of new SKUs
● Build and continue to innovate a pipeline of Products for BRAINJUICE, LLC that are of the highest quality
● Conduct regular product testing to evaluate stability and ingredients for label claim and shelf-life stability.
● Conduct post-launch reviews and reports for Product Quality and success of the launch of new products (using data and specific research to develop conclusions)
● Work Cross - Functionally with Brand / Creative Services, Marketing, Sales, and Supply Chain to ensure the brand, flavors, consumer messaging, and narrative are cohesive and that labels and the product packaging are consistent (liaise and project manage product operations between marketing/brand and manufacturer / co-packer for approvals on label art)
● Provide sales and Marketing with timely long lead benchtops and samples of new SKUs and flavors to plan for key accounts and consumer marketing
● Oversee the management and accountability for Product COAs for product lots and production lots; ensure that they meet label specifications through the pre-production, manufacturing, and finished goods testing with co-packer collaboration (providing both the Supply Chain and Sales with required documentation needed for Key Accounts and Distributors)
● Quarterly reviews with FDA attorneys for both product claims, packaging, and supplement panel compliance
● Responsible for keeping diligent product archives manifests and production logs, changes to formulas and flavors, and specifications for production processes (Product Library)

Qualification Requirements:
● Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree, or equivalent experience in Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science, Mathematics
● Minimum of 6-8 years of Product Development, Product Innovation, Product Manufacturing, and Product Operations in Supplements, CPG, or Natural product sectors (required lab and R&D experience with supplements, vitamins, amino acids, and natural/organic ingredients)
● Experience with creating lab samples using biology, chemistry, and calculus to create benchtop samples for testing or pre-sale of products during the R&D phase
● Deep proven experience, knowledge, and understanding of timelines and what is required to launch new products at National and International Accounts and Key Distributors
● Desire to take the Product Team for a growing brand to the next level and to scale
● Confident and robust Leadership skills; the ability to lead with accountability, organization, and strategic planning
● Desire to innovate within an organization through changes needed to improve the brand’s growth and effectiveness; supporting, initiating, sponsoring, and implementing change to scale and build unique competitive advantage in the natural and supplements consumer product sectors
● Proven experience and established relationships with ingredient suppliers both nationally and internationally
● Ability to travel to production/manufacturing facilities, trade shows, and other important events or business needs
● Resourceful and fore-sight in potential supply chain disruptions that could cause shortages.
● Experience with working and managing an R&D team (whether internal or external with manufacturing) to ensure success and productive results, and the ability to balance multiple projects and priorities at the same time
● Deep experience and knowledge of the supplement sector, regulatory changes, FDA laws, and commercial landscape in the supplement and natural product sectors
● Passion for building natural and organic products that are accessible yet also innovative leaders in supplement and wellness categories.
● Exhibit strong analytical and strategic thinking and planning (careful and thoughtful preparation for meetings and presentations)
● Experience in connecting insights, product plans, and performance metrics for senior management and the team to evaluate
● Ability to give and receive constructive feedback
● Ability to lead in a team-based approach to decision making
● Demonstrated ability to work in a results-oriented, constantly challenging environment
● Strong leadership skills with the ability to get results
● Effective and proficient ability to articulate, comprehend, articulate, and dissect mathematical and metric reporting of product formulas, testing, inventory, and other reports related to product and product operations (Expressing oneself clearly in conversation and writing)
● Effective communication, written, mathematical, and presentation skills
● Expert proficiency in Microsoft Suite and Google products and applications, inventory and supply chain financial systems
● Expert proficiency with prominent inventory management software, product supply chain operating systems, and operation management systems commonly used by consumer product companies
○ This includes: Powerpoint, Excel, Word, DropBox, 3PL, and Oracle NetSuite
○ Also may include Project management software such as, etc
● Ability to function effectively when under pressure
● Ability to recognize, interpret, and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings and to communicate this empathy to others in a work environment
● Practical solutions to problem-solving or challenging tasks by taking a holistic, abstract, or theoretical perspective
● Assumes responsibility for the results and future direction of the Products
● Identifying, assessing, and managing risk while striving to attain objectives (willingness to take calculated risks to achieve business goals)
● Work effectively with all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities, ages, and sexes. Promoting equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all colleagues, account representatives, and industry partners
● Experience and adherence to all workplace and trade safety laws, regulations, standards, and practices

Other information about the position:
● Salary Range: Depending on experience
● Location: Austin, Texas or Salt Lake City / Provo, Utah
● Medical and Dental Coverage
● Maternity Leave
● This position is limited to persons with indefinite right to work in the United States
● Relocation is considered for strong candidates that live within the United States to Austin, Texas
● All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, or disability status.
● BrainJuice is an Equal Opportunity Employer: Female / Minority / Disability / Protected Veteran / Sexual Orientation / Gender Identity

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Monday, June 6, 2022 - 5:30am
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