Event Coordinator Jobs

The responsibilities and focus of an Event Coordinator center on planning and managing events of varying sizes and purposes. Coordinators require the foresight to know what it takes to make sure the logistics work out, keep everything within the allocated budget and ensure that the event itself is sucessful. Event Coordinators in our industry focus much of their time on shows, conventions, meetings and investor events.

Here are the most crucial duties and responsibilities for Event Coordinators in our industry:

  • Planning event details and all associated logistics
  • Establishing and maintaining relationships with vendors and venues
  • Creating reliable financial reports and collecting payments on time
  • Remaining under budget with all costs
  • Managing events and addressing potential problems that may arise
  • Planning for potential scenarios that could impact the integrity of the event
  • Maintaining a working knowledge of the complex needs of a wide variety of events

Some of the many job titles that exist in this field include Event Coordinator jobs, Event Manager, Trade Show Manager jobs; Trade Show Marketing jobs; and more!

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