Brand Ambassador Jobs

A brand ambassador, also known as a brand representative, brand influencer or corporate ambassador, is a person enlisted by a company to represent their natural and/or organic products to create and/or maintain a brand identity. Brand ambassador roles humanize branding and establish a relationship with their audiences on a level that other strategies alone, such as slogans or product placement, cannot achieve.

Brand ambassadors are the face commonly associated with the brand and they are responsible for establishing and maintaining their own image in accordance with the images and beliefs of their employer. Many brand ambassadors with the natural industry are expected to maintain a consistent presence on several social media platforms, write or blog about the brand or product and attend product launches or other events to represent the brand.

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Description: Kokomio is a unique beverage that blends coconut water and pulp together for a taste that’s richer than water, lighter than a smoothie, and more refreshing than both. Our coconuts come from the palm trees in beautiful Guerrero, Mexico, which produce the...